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Places to See
The most important building in the centre is the castle. The most important building in the centre is the castle. The castle was first constructed by Ionians. The preserved form today was built by Ottomans in 1522. During the First World War, it was damaged by cannonball fire opened from a French war ship. A museum takes place in the Castle restored between 1980-1990. The entrance of the castle opens directly to the garden.

From both sides of the courtyard, stairs climb up the walls. It is nice to watch the view from the castle. Two of the covered places are arranged as archeological museum. Amphorae, baked clay, glass art of work, coins and various ornaments found as a result of excavation work done in Knidos, Burgaz, Hisarönü are displayed in those two saloons and in the garden. One of the galleries is an ethnographical saloon arranged as Turkish House, and the other one is the room of the commander of the castle.

Another Ottoman building in the city is Hafza Sultan Caravanserai built in 1545. Seven small rooms and one big room of the Caravanserai are allocated to gift shops. The historical shops in the market place which used to sell second hand goods are still the shopping centre of the city.

Marmaris regained a new park. This is an archeological park. 8,342 m2 area known as the İyilik Kayalıkları (Rocks of Goodness) and 2,100 m2 area on the slope of the hill in town centre declared as protected area and opened for visitors under the name İyilik Kayalıkları Archeological Park. Some remains from 4th century BC are being exhibited in the park.

There are other Works determined to belong to Ottoman period in the close environment of Marmaris. İbrahim Ağa Mosque in Kemeraltı district was built in 1789 and the Taşhan (stone inn) and Kemerli Bridge on the 10th km of the Muğla road were built in 1552.

Günnücek, Fake Strait and Paradise Island (Nimara)

It would be a nice change to give a break to the hot summer and spend a day in the forest on the seashore. You can go to Günnücek Picnic Area passing by Netzel Marina. There is a brook in that area, which provides for a special oil named sweetgum oil which is used in perfumery.

The natural set which looks as a strait when watched from Marmaris is named as the fake strait by the local people. This set connects the Nimara Peninsula (Paradise Island or the Star Island) to the main land. This set is being used as a yacht port today. The Paradise Island (Nimara Peninsula) is alongside the Marmaris coast. The peninsula, together with the small Bedir Island is a stopping point for daily tour boats.

But if you wish, you can take a bus or your private vehicle to go to the Fake strait which is 8 km from town centre and walk to the Paradise Island. The footpaths on the Island form an ideal walking course

In the nature, away from the town crowd. The view is beautiful. There are arbour restaurants and cafes around the wharf which is visited by boats coming from Marmaris. Do not forget about the impressing cave of the Paradise Island. A discovery tour following the footpaths shall take you to that cave.

Armutalan is a developing tourism centre with its new hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, sporting facilities and entertainment centers just beside Marmaris. Public transportation is very easy and frequent. The town surrounded by forests attracts local and foreign lovers of Marmaris by being clean, silent and having a good environmental order. A part of the new walking path takes place in the Armutalan forest. It is a new area and course arrangement is made for picnicking, cycling or walking. You can make discovery tours in the deep parts of the parallel unexpectedly; you meet the Camiavlu waterfall parallel to a forest path. There is also a rocky area for those who like rock climbing.

İçmeler, developing as a different tourism centre but very close by is a good alternative for those who benefit from the entertainment of Marmaris but prefer to spend a silent day and sleeping time. In spite of numerous new hotels, it is always a clean district with its abundant green and flowers, wide walking paths and good environmental order. The park at the entrance to the district looks like a botanic garden. The two sides of the brook splitting the town in the middle are colorful and live with the gift shops and handicraft sellers.

İçmeler has a wide selection of choices from the point of food, drinks and entertainment. Transportation between Marmaris and İçmeler is very frequent and buses work until late hours. Modern and traditional buildings are placed together in İçmeler. Tourism facilities in the village and facilities at the entrance of the canyon just behind the shore at a walking distance are for those who love nature and old village life.

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